St. Thomas to BVI

St. Thomas, USVI

April 1st, 2010. After arriving in St. Thomas I had almost two weeks before Maciek's arrival. I wanted to get most of the problems on Wereda fixed and have propane tanks re-filled. Luckily, Janusz and Danuta, my Polish friends and former neighbors from Houston, moved to St. Thomas about seven years earlier and were kind enough to help in many ways. Their local
knowledge proved very valuable. I was also
treated to some great dinners
Danuta, Janusz, Maciek and myself. 
Honeymoon Bay, St. Thomas
prepared by Danuta and Janusz
There is quite large Polish presence on St. Thomas and there even is a Polish Restaurant right on the waterfront. Otto, my friend and a former co-worker shipped me an inline fuel pump to help with the fuel problems. Also, after a trip up the mast and testing the Tricolor I realized that the in-mast wiring has been compromised and repair will have to wait until mast is unstepped. With Maciek on board and a few sight seeing trips around the island behind us, we left friendly St. Thomas on April 22, and sailed to Jost van Dyke, BVI.

For St. Thomas video click here:  St Thomas

British Virgin Islands

Passing by Current Rock on our way to Jost van Dyke
April 22, 2010. We arrived at Jost van Dyke just to clear into the BVI and spend the night here. Next morning we sailed to Norman Island and dropped the anchor in the Bight, not too far from the Willy T's floating bar. Turned out the local authorities severely restricted certain activities like diving off the top of the upper deck. Not as much fun anymore, not like when we visited this place back in the 2004 while sailing a chartered boat here. The Pirates restaurant on the shore was still very lively and we had a great evening there. The highlight of our stay here was snorkeling close to the shore.
The abundance of sea life was overwhelming. Reef fish, rays, turtles were all around us
Wereda  sailing in the BVI
On April 26th we left the Bight and sailed to Virgin Gorda. Half way from Norman Island down the Sir Francis Drake Channel, a dinghy-bound daredevil photographer took some nice pictures of Wereda underway.
After a nice and brisk sail we docked at the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor in Spanish Town to fill up water and fuel tanks and get some provisions. Also we needed to clear out of the BVI in preparation for our next leg, sailing to St. Martin in the French West Indies.
In the evening of April 28, 2010, Wereda left Virgin Gorda via the Stoney Bay between the SouthWesternern tip of the island and the Fallen Jerusalem rocks and set the course for St. Martin.
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