Cruising with Ginger 2013 Part 2

On March 12, 2013 Wereda left 
Wereda leaves Lindbergh Bay

Lindbergh Bay and after a short
refueling stop at Crown Bay we 
set course for Jost van Dyke in
the BVI. While motoring out of
St. Thomas I've noticed that the
engine was kind of sluggish.
Wereda on the mooring in White Bay, BVI
So as soon as we picked up the
mooring in White Bay, I went
below to check what was going
on. I'll spare the reader  gory
details but needless to say, I had
to make a major decision and
decision was to cut the 3rd
cylinder off completely by 
We loved those sunsets
disconnecting fuel supply line and letting the fuel go to a jerry can, and by crimping shut the oil supply line. So now my Old Cranky has only two working cylinders and I had a constant worry what else can
Jan, Terri, Ginger and myself having fun on the beach
go wrong with the engine while
Wereda was tucked inside a  
reef that has only a narrow channel to get out.
We visited George and Linda on their cat in 
Great Harbour 
Putting those worries away for another day we devoted ourselves to total enjoyment of our stay here. We would  snorkel around enjoying colorful underwater life or just simply swim ashore and spend 
some time on the beach by the
Ivan's Stress Free bar - maybe not as famous as the Soggy Dollar bar located on the West end of the Bay but it has its share of followers as this song by Kenny Chesney  clearly illustrates.
A dinner with a boatload of seafood at the 
Corsairs Bar, Jost van Dyke, BVI
We also had company - Jan 
Royal Terns posing for a picture
and Terri B. spent 3 days here. They were vacationing in the BVI island-hopping on their charter catamaran. We were enjoying our time together on the beach and sipping the painkillers from the Soggy Dollar Bar - the birthplace of that so-popular Caribbean cocktail.
George and Linda G. made it to Jost van Dyke while cruising BVI on a chartered catamaran with a large group of their friends.
A parrot fish showing off her colors
George managed to sail to many of the islands including Anegada on a very tight schedule. We were all happy to get together the day they arrived at the Great Harbour and we all went to the Foxy's for refreshments and to the Corsairs Beach Bar and Restaurant for an excellent seafood dinner.
Great lobster dinner at the One Love beach Bar
After everybody left for their next destinations, we slipped back to our leisurely routine of swimming, eating, swimming, sleeping, swimming, lounging on the beach. You get the picture. Well, HERE are more pictures. 
Needless to say, the next few days flew by and it was time for
What's not to like here?
us to head back to St. Thomas. 
Back in St. Thomas. Magen's Bay beach
Once back in St. Thomas, we dropped the anchor in familiar Lindbergh bay, close to the airport. We spent next several days enjoying our "beach property" and also went on a taxi tour that took us to the Magen's Bay. It was nice, but an overrated tourist beach, but no complains. On April 9, 2013, Ginger left for Houston and I went back to Wereda to prepare for an early morning sail to Beef Island to pick up Marcin who was flying there from London.

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