Trinidad & Tobago 2011

Breakfast in the cockpit before getting to work

On March 15, 2011, Ginger 
and I arrived in Chaguaramas, Trinidad for a two week vacation. Spending a few days on Wereda (on the hard) trying to achieve some progress on the hull work. Had to hire a new contractor and hopefully now the work will go smoothly. With all the heat and humidity, it was not so much fun to stay on board for too long. We took ferry from Port of Spain and 
went to Tobago for eight days 
We took a ferry from Port of Spain to Tobago
to sample some of its great diving spots. On the very first day we met Magda and Rafal traveling together from Poland. They took up residence in the same hotel as us, near Crown Point. We took some trips around the island together and even talked Magda into taking her first
Green Moray Eel
scuba dive after a brief class at the R&Sea Divers. She did very well and with that one dive, she fulfilled her longtime dream of scuba diving. Altogether, Ginger and I, we've had six dives and the two of them were drift dives where a 2 to 3 knot current carried us along a colorful reef with a minimum effort on our part.
Ginger enjoys the company of fishes
That behind us, we hired a taxi and spent one whole day touring the island. We visited the Englishman's Beach, the Argyle Riverdale Waterfalls and a food festival in Scarborough. Tobago had experienced quite a few days of heavy rains before our arrival. That caused the river waters to be quite murky. Even on that day we had some showers. Another day was   
One of many colorful sponges
spent on the beach at Pigeon
Point where it usually is quite windy while bay waters remain relatively
smooth, making it an ideal place for kite and windsurfers to enjoy their sport. On top of all that, there was the local food that we so enjoyed.       As our time in Tobago drew to its end, we boarded the ferry and returned to Chaguaramas to finish some projects before flying back to Houston. While on board and 
Enjoying cocktails after the dives
On a first day we've met Magda and Rafal from Poland
on the hard, and in quite a cramped space, and being bit by those relentless mosquitoes, and only a fan for an air conditioner, Ginger did not mutiny even when one of her tasks was to disassemble the marine head (phew!). She is a trooper and a hard worker, that's for sure! And I feel quite lucky. Our plans are to come back early next year and go sailing. But before that, I'll have to finish all the projects so I will come later in the year to make sure all is done. Also, by then, I'll retire again from work, so we will not be limited to just a two week stay here.
Returning from Scarborough in Tobago to Chaguaramas
Click here to watch our video from Tobago

Back on Wereda Ginger hard at work 

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