Trinidad Fall 2011

Wereda  received a new coat of paint
October 30, 2011 marked my
last day of work in Houston and
a resumption of my retirement.
After arriving in Chaguaramas
at the beginning of November, I found out that my old Volvo has been rebuilt and should be ready for sea trial after replacement
Fresh papaya is always a welcome snack 
of the fuel line between 
tank and the primary filter. 
This must have been the
Windlass had to be rebuilt completely
source of my engine problems all along. But seeing how
clogged were the cooling
canals inside the block I was glad that I had the work done.
Also I was happy to see Wereda in her new coat of paint and finished bottom job.
Thanksgiving feast was held at the Peakes Yard
Checking all systems revealed that my Lofrans manual windlass was completely
Jesse James was one  the honorary guests
stuck and had to be dismantled with the help of hydraulic press. All plastic bushings separating dissimilar metals 
were swollen preventing the parts from moving. And last but not least, I have rewired deck level nav light system and replaced old incandescent lights with new LED ones.
In the middle of all that, I came down with high fever and aches and became very weak. I believe I had a touch of Dengue fever but it went away after a week or so.
Gosia and Chris at the Thanksgiving table
On the Thanksgiving day all the American cruisers and invited guests got together to 
celebrate this traditional holiday. It was then that someone introduced me to a couple of Polish cruisers Gosia and Chris. Their Gulfstar 37, Aldebaran was docked at the Coral Cove marina and we almost missed each other.

To see my video "American 
Thanksgiving in Trinidad" click
here: Thanksgiving

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