Cruising 2014

Our 2014 cruising season started
A brand new Yanmar is lowered into Wereda
with my return to Wereda on Jan
15. The work on the new engine 
installation was well advanced by then but had to wait for my yard to get a crane to drop the engine in. In the meantime a lot of other 
TOBY Flea market allowed me to sell tons of stuff
work had to be done like washing the fuel, prepare the mast (and fix the tricolor light), buy a new dinghy and sell all unused or unnecessary equipment to open up the living space on Wereda.
Monthly flea market at TOBY
Wereda at the dock after new engine "sea trial"
was exactly what I needed to 
accomplish that. By the time 
Ginger arrived, Wereda was quite transformed but that was only the beginning. Other changes were being implemented such as new mattresses for our
Enjoying rich cultural life of St. Martin
bunks, new sun covers etc.
Snorkeling at the Creole Rock
We stayed in the TOBY small marina for a bit longer so we could explore  St. Martin's many wonders. March 2, Marigot was celebrating its annual Carnival day with a colorful parade weaving through the streets around the city wit us following all the way. We also took our new dinghy to cruise around the Simpson Bay Lagoon and also ventured out to the Simpson Bay. We took a jetski trip to the Creole Rock near Grand Casse, and numerous bus trips including one to  Grand Casse, the Pinel Island and Philipsburg  where we participated in the festivities
A small ceremony was held
celebrating conclusion of
the famous Heineken Regatta . 
On March 15, Wereda set sails on the way to Road Bay, Anguilla, some 12 miles from Marigot. While on our way we made a stop, and a small ceremony of scattering my Mom's ashes was held.
Snorkeling in Shoal Bay, Anguilla
Great day at Sandy Island, Anguilla
An hour later we dropped the anchor in Road Bay and proceeded ashore to clear-in. We have spent over a week in Anguilla. The beach in Road Bay is lined up with bars, restaurants and clubs, and live music can be enjoyed at almost any time there.We visited the Sandy Island, just a couple of 
miles from Road Bay. It was
such a great day - relaxing on
a white sand beach and swimming in crystal clear water. A convenient restaurant and bar provided additional, more 
Andrzej and Robert raising Polish Ensign on Wereda
down to earth pleasures.
Also, with a rented car we were 
able to tour the whole island
of Anguilla. We enjoyed the most the beaches and underwater life at the Shoal Bay. 
After our return to St. Martin
Ginger went back to Houston 
Delbert, Alex and Delicia visiting Wereda
Delbert, Alex and Delicia visiting Wereda
just for a few weeks. 
Meantime, my two high school 
friends, Andrzej and Robert  
Easter Mass with Fr. Paul. Anguilla

arrived for their six week vacation in the Caribbean that included four weeks on Wereda. After a couple of days in Marigot we sailed to Grand Cas where they were able to rent a nice beach house for their off the boat weeks. 
Two days later we sailed to Anguilla for a whole 10 days of fun and sun. 
At the Festival Del Mar, Anguilla
While in Road Bay, the guys befriended Dad's Bar and Grill owners - Delbert and his wife Alex. We invited them to visit Wereda and they came over bringing along their daughter Delicia.
While earlier here in Anguilla 
Ginger and I visited Dad's Bar 
and Grill many times and liked
After racing around the island sailboats return to 
Road Bay

it very much. Here you can read more about the place: DAD's 
And, of course we've made an obligatory trip to Sandy Island, Anguilla
And, of course we've made an obligatory trip to
Sandy Island, Anguilla
We also rented a car so we could see more of the island. It was also the Easter weekend approaching and there were a lot of things going on - Festival Del Mar as well as the opening of boat races season that is something one does not want
to miss. We went to the St. Gerard's Catholic church  to visit it's Polish pastor Fr. Paul (Pawel Czoch). 
Fr. Paul received us cordially and even though it was a busy time for him, we were able to chat for a while, while 
sipping coffee and cold juices. 
Wereda at anchor in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
Wereda at anchor in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
It turned out that he was also friends with Fr. John from the St. Ursula's church in Virgin Gorda.
At the Fort Louis, Marigot
At the Fort Louis, Marigot
Sailboat racing is a national sport of Anguilla. They race the Class A, handmade wooden, full keel boats with hand rolled jibs, long boomed mainsails and are crewed by 14 sailors.
And, of course, we've made an 
obligatory trip to Sandy Island.
Click HERE to see more pictures
from my friends stay on Wereda.
Ginger, Andrzej and Robert in Grand Case, St. Martin
Beautiful sunset in Grand Case
Finally it was time for us to go back.  On April 22 we left friendly Anguilla and sailed to St. Maarten's Simpson Bay where we stayed for a week exploring the Dutch side before returning to Marigot on the 29th. 
With the return of Ginger, the guys disembarked Wereda and moved to their beach-side apartment in Grand Casse. 
Ginger at the helm, on our way to St. Barths
Wereda on the way to St. Barths.
Ginger and I sailed to Grand Casse on our way to St.
Barth's and spent a couple of days there and made plans to get together in St. Barths (a former Swedish colony) where Andrzej and Robert would go to by the ferry.
Weather turned rainy and seas 
Wereda securely tucked-in in Gustavia Harbor
Wereda securely tucked-in in Gustavia Harbor
were choppy on our way to St. 
Hiding from rain at the bar  by Nikki Beach, St. Barths
Hiding from rain at the bar  by Nikki Beach, St. Barths
Barth's. We've made an overnight stop at Ile Fourchue and next morning arrived at Gustavia in St. Barths. All mooring balls were private and there were no room to drop the anchor near the town so we finally anchored in 50ft of water and very rolly seas.
Luckily, during clearing-in we
were offered a mooring in the
harbor. An hour later we were
securely tucked in and ready
to go in town. And so we went. 
Monday, May 12, the ferry boat
brought our two friends from
Wereda at Gustavia Harbor. View from Fort Carl
Marigot and we set out on an
island tour by a local taxi. The
weather was still unsettled and 
our attempt to stay on the Nikki
Beach was rudely interrupted by
heavy downpour, so we sought
and found shelter at the nearby
bar. The rest of the day was spent walking and goofing 
Shell Beach viewed from Fort Carl
around in Gustavia and a swim at the Shell Beach as the weather improved. It was time to say
good-bye as Andrzej and Robert
boarded the ferry to return to
St. Martin. 
Good life at Anse de Colombier, St. Barth's
For the next few days Ginger and I were splitting our time between sightseeing and lounging on the Shell Beach (Grands Galets) which 
is only a few minutes walk from 
the dinghy dock.
Abundance of Sea Turtles at Anse de Colombier
May 15th marked the 1st anniversary of my Mom's passing. We celebrate Her memory by living the way She had lived -  to the fullest.
Spectacular sunsets at Anse de Colombier
On May 18 Wereda left Gustavia's harbor and sailed to the Anse de Colombier where we picked up a mooring ball
not far from the ruined small dock at an entrance to the now abandoned Rockefeller family mansion.
Celebrating Ginger's birthday 
On May 28, we left St. Barth's and sailed back to Marigot, St. Martin. Wereda was taken out of the water for hurricane season storage and we moved to a small Hotel Centre, near Marina Port Royale. There was still a lot of work to be done to prepare Wereda and her mast for storage. We worked during the day and retired to the hotel for the nights.
On May 31st we celebrated Ginger's birthday at the "all you can eat" lobster buffet at the Claude Mini Club Restaurant in 
Marigot. Needles to say, the food 
was great and my only regret was 
that I did not have a spare stomach. 
The following evening we went 
to the Princess Casino in 
Port de Plaisance resort where we 
"donated" a few $$ to the local 
June 2nd was our departure date
for Houston.
Click HERE for more pictures from
our 2014 cruising.

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