The jib had to come down immediately...

Late Sunday, June 7, 2009 Wereda 
dropped the anchor off the Manshebu Point, Aruba. With over 20 kn winds and a full jib it was quite a task. Roller furling line broke earlier releasing the jib to its full 100%. As soon as we anchored, the jib had to come down to prevent further damage. 
Wereda is "drying out" at Renaissance Marina dock
Eventually all problems related to our arrival in Aruba were resolved and Wereda finally tied off at the T-dock at the Renaissance Marina in Oranjestad, right behind the catamaran Lucid. So for now my efforts are centered around getting Wereda dried out and back in shape. Occasional trips to the Renaissance Resort and Marina Private Island, provide much needed rest. 
Beautiful waterfront in Oranjestad, Aruba
I mentioned earlier catamaran Lucid. Her owner, Barry and I became good friends and through him I met a lot of local people.  He introduced me to several Polish people that own rental property here. 
On the Renaissance Private Island
A couple of weeks after my arrival I had a visit from my friends from Houston, Dorothy and Wojtek. We had a great time together sailing, sunbathing and restaurant hopping. 

Barry (left) knows almost everyone in Aruba
Right after their departure I flew to Venezuela to attend my Uncle Lech's 89th birthday and a baptizing of his first great-grandson, Salomon Lech. As I was planning to sail Wereda to Venezuela's Morrocoy Park area,  Alejandro and I drove to Puerto Cabello so I could see what kind of facilities were available at their shipyard and the marina. Later, Maria Victoria (Vicky) - Alejandro's mom, arranged for a trip to the high Andean city of Merida where she went to college. It was such a great trip. 
Wojtek and Dorothy on Wereda in Aruba
Family gathering for Salomon Lech bautizo
The birthday and bautizo festivities were really great. My time here went by fast. After three weeks in Venezuela, I went back to Aruba where Wereda awaited some more work before we could continue sailing. On August 6th, we left the Renaissance Marina and moved to an anchorage near the airport to await a more favorable weather window.
Too bad that the political and economical situation in that 
beautiful country of Venezuela has deteriorated to the point that crime, piracy and kidnappings became increasingly common My plans to sail and stay there for a while had to be postponed.

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