Wereda sails past Emma swing bridge
Jan-Willem's ketch KAAT
By morning of August 10, 2009 Mount Christoffel - the tallest peak in Curacao, became clearly visible ahead of the Wereda's bow. Several hours later we were entering Sint Annabaai channel and after hailing Willemstad's Port Authority, the Emma swing bridge was opened just enough to let Wereda squeeze through.
Willemstad is a very colorful town
Ten or so minutes later, after passing under huge Queen Juliana bridge and rounding Fort Nassau's headland we found ourselves in Schottegat bay just a short distance from CuracaoMarine docks. Tying off at the T-dock went smoothly thanks to no wind. First people I have met after stepping ashore were Jan-Willem and his brother Simen painting the bottom of their steel ketch Kaat. I was offered a can of a cold beer, took a sip and said to myself: "this is going to be a great place". And it really turned out to be very nice. 
Also the underwater world is very colorful
I spent  about  seven months in Curacao. And what a  great time I had! Curacao’s natural beauty, historical richness and cultural diversity is only enhanced by her people.  This is nothing new to all of you that have followed my short photo-essays on Nor should be the fact that there is quite a significant Polish presence on this island. There are 4 Catholic churches run by four Polish priests here, and I’ve made friends with two of them, Father John and Father Marian.
 Click here for video: Dive Curacao

In Curacao music can be heard  in many places and at a different times of day and night. And not just hot Caribbean tunes and rhythms. March 1st 2010 marked 200 anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin's birthday. It was celebrated here in Curacao with a great gala concert. It was sold out on the spot. A lot of folks, yours truly included, did not get tickets. 

My guests on Wereda at Spaanse Waters
Please follow this link to learn more about Curacao ties to Chopin: Chopin and Curacao
Click this link to see the video "Bands of Curacaco": Musical Curacao

Bettie is watching Boca Grande erupting

In September 2009 I had a visit from Bettie and Leigh A. We sailed to Spaanse Water and anchored out there for a night. We also did a lot of sightseeing and island touring in a rental car.
During the last week of October 2009, I had a visit from Eleticia and Janusz Sz. We were sightseeing, sailing and restaurant hopping.
Krystyna admires the reef upclose
First weekend of November 2009, Curacao held its Annual Heineken Regatta. But it is not just about beer or sailboats. Click on the link below to find more: Heineken Regatta 2009

In December I took a plane to fly
Krystyna touring Willemstad
to England to visit my Mom and Gordon for Christmas and the New Year. After that I went to Poland to spend some time with Maciek skiing in Szczyrk and Zar. Also I made a trip to Vienna to visit Edi and his family. I returned to Curacao in early February, right in time  to witness Curacao going through its yearly Karnaval fever: Click here to see  Curacao Carnival  and Youth Parade
Here with the crowned Queen of Carnival

During the last week of February 2010, I had a visit from my sister, Krystyna and also from my high school friend's brother in-law, Tomek. My sister was glad to escape New Jersey's bitter cold. We had a lot of fun s.
norkeling and touring the Island. YouTube video: Snorkeling in Curacao
Click the slide show "My Visitors in Curacao" above right, or click VISITS to open the album and view the pictures from these visits. Also, click HERE to read Bettie and Leigh's blog about their experiences in Curacao and scroll down past the more recent events.

Jolanta Pawlak and her art
This account would not be full if I did not mention Jolanta Pawlak, which I met on my first full day in Curacao, while on the way to the Immigration Office to clear-in, and stepped inside the Maravia Gallery in Punda with her name at the entrance. This encounter lead to my meeting of many residents here of Polish nationality in the days to come.

Click here for other videos from Curacao:   "Awesome power of the Ocean"  and "Beached Pilot Whale"

I have also made friends with Jolanta's parents Gabrysia and Zdzislaw, and through them met a lot more Polish people that I could ever expect on such a small piece of land as Curacao. Grazyna Murgala,MD, always working crazy hours in Willemstad’s St. Elisabeth Hospital as an obstetrician. She is always very eager to help others. I’ve met Jan Toeter, a Dutch, that speaks perfect Polish and his Polish wife Olga. ( )  Before becoming a full time artist Jan had a successful  building restoration  and construction contractor career here and was instrumental in creation of Kura Hulanda historical complex.
Another person, met quite recently was Ludmila van der  Marel. She also speaks fluent Polish  among several other languages. She is a Russian and runs a very successful  business and calls on Curacao for 2 to 3weeks working vacation.
Also a recent ‘discovery’ was a presence of a couple of Polish sailors, Patrycja and Mikolaj on their around the world journey on a 28’ steel sloop “YouYou” ( Turned out they have been here since July, but made their presence known only recently, by visiting MARAVIA,  Gallery in Punda and learning about them from Jolanta.
I could not omit Marlyn and Richard, entrepreneurs from Chicago.
Although neither is, nor speaks Polish but  their friendship with Jolanta and her family deserves a special mention.
Click HERE for picures from this segment.

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